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  • M60 Alarm Dialer 10:13 am on March 19, 2013 Permalink |
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    SMS Dialler 

    SMS Dialler

    The Packs Infotel M30 SMS Dialler is a purpose built and designed machine for the types of harsh environments typically found in industrial and commercial applications.

    THe M30 comes with 4,8,16 or 56 individual inputs as well as all the standard features you would expect from an industrial SMS Dialler including  24 hour battery backup.

    The M30 is used all over the world in a diverse collection of applications such as Pharmaceutical, Power Generation, Security, Cold Storage, Oil / Gas Refineries, Building Management, Food production, Industrial Process Monitoring as well as the protection of humans and livestock.


    SMS Text Messages

    Each individual input of the M30 from 4 to 56 inputs has its own SMS message that is user configurable to about 25 ASCII characters plus each M30 has a station identification, this gives you an easy way to identify from which machine the SMS arrived.SMS Dialler Text Message

    When the M30 goes into alarm and sends the SMS messages to the predefined contact list the end user will receive an individual text message for each input/channel that is in alarm. So for instance if inputs/channels 1, 2, 3 and 4 were active the recipient would get four SMS messages.


    SMS and or Real Speech Messages over PSTN or GSM networks.

    The M30 is unique as it allows you the flexibility of not just sending SMS messages but voice messages as well.

    With the M30 you can also send user recordable real speech voice messages over a connected PSTN land line connection or with an optional module send them over the GSM networks as well.


    The SMS Dialler version of the M30 comes with the same standard features such as

    • 4, 8, 16 or 56 independent alarm inputs.
    • 3 separate Rosters (dial out lists).SMS Dialler
    • SMS and or Real Speech Messages over PSTN or GSM networks.
    • Integrated battery backup.
    • Integrated Mains Failure.
    • Integrated Alarm output.
    • Fully Menu and keypad driven.
    • Industry standard IP56 enclosure.


    The above list is not definitive, also as the M30 is designed and built by ourselves in the UK if there is a feature or function you need for your particular applications then please let us know as we can normally create it for you.


    For more information or pricing on our M30 Auto Dialer please contact us or visit the SMS Dialler page on our site.


    There is also a now a dedicated SMS section on our Blog.


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    SMS Text Message Feature 

    SMS Text Message Feature

    As of the winter of 2012/13 we have added another new feature to our M30 Alarm Dialler, the ability to send SMS messages in addition to the standard voice messages.

    SMS Text Message Feature

    Each input/channel on the M30 can be configured with a user defined text message of around 25 ASCII characters – so instead of a recipient getting a useless “channel 1” alarm they can receive a useful “Mains Failure Boiler one” message.

    This feature is in addition to the standard voice message option so you can still setup and send user recordable voice messages over the PSTN networks or over the GSM networks with the GSM converter.




    Setting up your M30 is very simple; while entering your alarm contacts phone numbers you can select whether the recipient should get a SMS or a voice message.SMS Text Message Display

    The station identification is a maximum of 31 ASCII Characters.

    All inputs can have an individual identifying text message of up to 25 ASCII characters.



    When the M30 detects an active alarm/s it will send an individual SMS message for each active input to the predefined recipients. E.g. if 4 inputs are active then the on call engineer would get 4 SMS’s.


    Message Example

    Each SMS message is created from the M30’s Station ID (in <> brackets) and the inputs individual message and then followed by an *End of Message*.

    E.g. If channel 1 is in alarm the M30 will send a text message as follows:SMS Text Message

    <Packs Infotel Office> Channel 1 Alarm Condition *End of Message*


    <Sunningdale Landfill> Mains Failure Boiler one *End of Message*

    For more information of the SMS upgrade visit the SMS Feature page or the SMS section on our Blog.

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    Computer Room Auto Dialer 

    Computer Room Auto Dialer

    We have been designing and building Auto dialers since 1958 and installing them in IT environments since the mid 1970’s, during that time we have refined our designs and added user requested features to allow us to purposely design the M30 for use in Server / Computer rooms or other types of IT centre.

    Because of the  amount of money and time that can be lost by a single PC or Server failure the M30 is purposely designed for Critical environments and has various backup anComputer Room Auto Dialerd fail safe features built in, including 24hr battery backup, test diagnostics, daily test routines and PSTN / GSM network connections.

    4 , 8 , 16 or 56 Individual Inputs – The M30 comes in 4 different versions to give you the exact amount of alarm inputs you require. Each input can be either a Normally Open or Normally Closed contact loop. (If you want to supply voltage then you will need to use a converter module). Each input has its own dedicated real speech or SMS message, so instead of getting a “channel 1 alarm” you get a more useful “computer room 1 high temperature” message.

    GSM Backup – The M30 gives you four options for connecting a phone line;

    1. Via the default PSTN land line connection.
    2. Via a dedicated GSM connection. – Great if you don’t want or can’t have a PSTN connection.
    3. GSM as a backup, the M30 will continually monitor the connected PSTN line, if this fails then the M30 will automatically switch to the GSM network. – Great for critical situations.
    4. You can also connect our SMS module allowing you to send SMS messages in addition to a voice call.

    M30 Features;

    • 4,8,16,56 separate alarm inputs, each with their own dedicated speech messageComputer Room Auto Dialer
    • PSTN Phone line connection
    • GSM Phone line Connection either dedicated line or as a backup option.
    • SMS Text Message Option
    • Integrated 24hr plus battery backup.
    • Remote Integration – you can phone the unit at any time to check its status.
    • Fully Menu and keypad driven.
    • Designed any built for industrial and commercial environments.


    Because the M30 is designed and built by us in the UK, if there is a feature or function you would like please contact us a s we can normally create it for you.

    For more information, help or pricing please contact us or visit our standard features or Auto dialer FAQs pages.


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  • M60 Alarm Dialer 2:22 am on March 1, 2013 Permalink |  

    February 2013 Monthly Roundup 


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    Heavy Duty GSM Auto Dialer 

    Heavy Duty GSM Auto Dialer

    The M30 is a Heavy Duty Alarm Autodialer that can work over both the GSM and PSTN phone networks. It is specifically designed for use in hash industrial and commercial environments and comes with all the features that you would expect from a Heavy Duty Auto Dialer.

    Including 4,8,16 and 56 separate inputs, IP65 enclosure, integrated 24 hr battery backup, spike and surge protection onHeavy Duty GSM Auto Dialer all inputs, Military quality components and various backup options.


    Voice over GSM

    The GSM Converter Module allows the M30 to use a GSM mobile connection to send and receive voice calls; this is in addition to a PSTN connection.

    The Module comes with a separate dedicated internal battery backup and is designed as a separate dedicated unit so it can be installed in the best location for a signal, which is often not the best location for installing an M30.

    This Module can be used either to provide a dedicated GSM line if there is no PSTN line available or can be used as a backup device. The GSM module can monitor a connected PSTN line; if that line fails for any reason, the GSM module will automatically switch the M30 to the GSM line.

    Visit the GSM Upgrade page for more information.

     GSM Auto Dialer

    SMS over GSM

    This module works in addition to the standard PSTN and GSM voice modules. It allows you when configuring the unit to specify whether an alarm call recipient gets a Voice message or an SMS.

    If you specify SMS, the recipient will receive an individual SMS for each active alarm channel.

    Each channel has a unique configurable text message, so you are not stuck with standard text e.g. “Fire in hanger 1” instead of “Channel 1 Alarm” etc.

    Visit the SMS Upgrade page for more information.


    M30 Auto Dialer Features include;

    • 4,8,16 or 56 individual alarm inputs.
    • Integrated Backup Battery.
    • PSTN Telephone Line failure sensing (optional).
    • GSM Network dialing and backup (optional).
    • Individual Real Speech Messages.
    • Individual SMS alarm text messages (optional).
    • Fully menu and keypad driven.
    • 999 Approved.


    Check out all of the M30’s features on the Standard Features and Options Features Pages.


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    Security Auto Dialer 

    What is Security Auto Dialer?

    Simply it is an automatic electronic device that connects to a security alarm system. When it gets an activated signal it phones or texts the preprogrammed recipients to let them know there is a potential intruder on site.

    Why do I need a Security Autodialer?Security Auto Dialer

    Like the proverbial tree in the forest there is no point spending thousands of pounds having a top of the line security system installed when it does off at 3 o’clock in the morning there is no one on site to hear it. – Because of this is it imperative you should have some type of Auto Dialer attached to the alarm, so when the system goes off you will get a phone call telling you there is a problem on site.

    Our M30

    We have been producing Security Auto Dialers since 1958 and they have been used to help protect people and property around the world. Because of our long experience we have been able to design the M30 to give you all the features you might need to help protect and warn you about any problems on your remote site or property.


    • Telephone line sensing and GSM backup so if an intruder tries to cut or block your PSTN telephone line the M30 can switch across to the GSM networks and then phone or text you to inform you of the problem.
    •  Integrated battery backup that will last for around 24+ hours depending on conditions. Meaning you are still protected during a power cut.
    •  Multiple alarm inputs meaning you can connect in different parts of the site to separate alarm inputs. So when you get the call you know immediately which part of the property has the problem and where you need to go.


    M30 Auto Dialer Features include;Security Auto Dialer

    • 4,8,16 or 56 individual alarm inputs.
    • Integrated Backup Battery.
    • PSTN Telephone Line failure sensing (optional).
    • GSM Network dialing and backup (optional).
    • Individual Real Speech Messages.
    • Individual SMS alarm text messages (optional).
    • Fully menu and keypad driven.
    • 999 Approved.

    Check out for of the M30’s features here


    For more information on our Security Auto Dialer, help or pricing please contact us or visit our standard features or auto dialler FAQs pages.


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    Alarm Isolate Panel 

    Alarm Isolate Panel

    The Splitter 2 Alarm Isolate Panel can monitor alarm inputs from up to 16 totally separate devices. For example High / Low Temperature, Mains Failure, Security Alarm Panel, Building Management Systems, Boiler Lockout, Standby Generators, Water levels, Humidity etc.

    The Splitter 2 Alarm Isolate Panel offers both a visual and audible indication of each separate alarm condition and offers you the ability to

    Alarm Isolate Panel

    Alarm Isolate Panel

    individually isolate each input / output at the push of a button


    • 16 Separate Inputs
    • 16 Separate Outputs
    • Bell / Strobe Output
    • Bell / Strobe Isolate
    • Individual Alarm Isolates
    • Mains Failure Detection
    • Adjustable Alarm Delays
    • Alarm Test Button
    • IP56 Enclosure
    • Backup Power Supply

    For more information check out the main Alarm Isolate Panel  page


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    Updated M30 Alarm Autodialler Manuals 

    To welcome in 2013 we have reissued the M30 Installation and Operating Manuals with all the latest features and enhancements that have been made over the last couple of years – Including the SMS Autodialler Upgrade.

    M30 Manuals

    M30 Manuals

    To download or view the new 2013 Manuals go to our Data sheet / Manuals Page or click the links below


    2013 M30 Autodialler Installation Manual


    2013 M30 Operating Manual





    For More Information or help on our M30 Autodialler please Contact us or check out the M30 Autodialler FAQ Page.

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    Fire Alarm Auto Dialer 

    Fire Alarm Auto Dialer

    Having an Alarm Auto Dialer attached to your buildings Fire Alarm today should be considered essential not only your peace of mind but a lot of insurance companies now require it.

    A fire alarm without an Autodialer is a bit like the proverbial tree in the woods, if you have spend thousands of pounds getting the latest fire alarm installed with smoke and heat detectors dotted around and it is triggered at 0200 in the morning and no one hears it then it Fire Alarm Auto Dialerwas a waste of money when you arrive in the morning and find the buildings no longer there.

    Even if you have a 24hr manned site with a security office you want them dealing with the fire  and making sure the building has been evacuated not trying to find the emergency contact list.

    Most types of Autodialer supplied today are not up to the task, they are designed as cheap add-ons for residential intruder systems where if they fail and don’t dial out it’s not the end of the world. But if there’s a fire and people’s lives or your business is at stake then you need a reliable peace of equipment that is designed for the job.


    At a bare minimum you should make sure your Auto Dialer has the following features;

    • Industrial/commercially designed with quality internal components (not built as quickly and cheaply as possible using the cheapest parts around).
    • Multiple channels/inputs that allow the distinction of different areas/zones of the building.
    • Integrated battery backup (not external or made / supplied by a third party as they might not be compatible and won’t be monitored.)
    • Integrated mains failure.
    • Integrated low battery alarm.
    • Customisable messages that meet the specification laid down to dial 999.
    • Being able to program in multiple alarm message recipients.
    • Knowing that the machine will keep trying to send alarm messages until the alarm has been acknowledged.
    • Be fully serviceable (6 or 12 monthly) by the manufacturer or by a Service Company fully trained by the manufacture.
    • IP65 Enclosure to protect from moisture / dust and insects causing damage.


    For example the M30 Autodialer has the following extra features as well;

    • Channel to Roster With this feature installed each channel is in practice a separate machine, which will dial a totally separate set of alarm numbers. So for example if channel 1 was activated it would phone telephone list 1, if channel 2 was activated is would phone telephone list 2 etc.  This is ideal for a block of businesses where you want to communicate the detection of an alarm to the building owners and the individual businesses with out disturbing everyone else or buying multiple Autodialers.
    • Telephone line Backup – if the Land line fails e.g. a provider fault or the fire has taken out the line, the M30 will automatically switch to the GSM mobile/cell networks.
    • SMS Text Message – The M30 can now send SMS text messages as well as Speech messages to each recipient. For more information check out the SMS Autodialer Page.

    The M30 and its predecessors have been used around the world for the protection of People, Assets, Property and livestock since 1956.


    For more information how the M30 can connect to your fire alarm and the current Pricing please Contact Us or visit the Autodialer Features or Autodialer Options Page.

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    What advantages does the SMS Autodialler Module Give me? 

    What advantages does the SMS Autodialler Module Give me?

    The module uses the GSM networks rather than the land line networks to send SMS messages, so it acts as an automatic line backup incase the lanSMS Autodiallerd line has failed, is in use or has been cut.
    As the module allows you to select whether you would like the recipient to receive a voice or SMS message it creates a much more flexible system, with uses outside of the standard communication of alarms.
    For Example;

    • Keep a permanent record of all onsite alarms.
    • Integrate an onsite pager system.
    • Setup channels to “Alert” rather than “Alarm”.
    • Visual alarm messages for the deaf or hard of hearing.


    The SMS Upgrade Module is “quad band” meaning it will work in Europe and also most of North & South America Plus  Africa  and Australasia.

    For more information please contact us or visit the SMS Module page.

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