The M60 Autodialer provides a cost effective approach to monitoring and receiving information and alarms from your mechanical and or electrical equipment when they deviate from their range or when they fail.

By using the M60 Alarm Dialer it will immediately notify the correct person (manger, contractor) allowing improved response times and customer service.

Advantages to having an M60 Alarm Dialer fitted to your building management system

  • Service personal arrive with the correct equipment because they know what is wrong
  • Reduce disruption to your tenants by reducing down time
  • Increase the life of your equipment by fixing small problems before they become large.

Examples of Conditions you may want to monitor

  • Power failure
  • Lift
  • Condensation Level too high or low
  • Security systems - building, personal attack.
  • Compressor or condenser failure
  • High or low temperature alarms - chillers, boilers, air conditioning.
  • High humidity
  • Backup generator - startup, fuel level.
  • UPS systems - Battery voltage, alarms

  How the M60 Alarm Autodialer can be used with Buildings


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