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 How the M30 Alarm Autodialer is used for Temperature Monitoring

The M30 Alarm Dialer is used by some of the largest pharmaceutical and medical research companies in the UK. The M30 is also used by hospitals and frozen storage facilities for the monitoring of their frozen or refrigerated assets.

Typical uses of a M30 Alarm Dialer

  • Vaccine and blood storage
  • Tissue storage
  • Culture storage
  • Samples storage
  • Plants storage
  • Food storage

Typical Connections to a M30 Autodialer;

  • Dry storage, refrigerated and frozen
  • Food storage facilities
  • Refrigeration and freezer temperatures
  • Doors open too long
  • Compressor failures or faults
  • Inlet/outlet temperature differentials
  • Inlet/outlet pressure differentials
  • AC unit failure
  • Chiller, boiler and cooling tower alarms
  • AC leak detection

The M30 Autodialer allows you to;

  • Minimise business disruptions and equipment down time
  • Reduce loss of refrigerated and frozen product
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Monitor contractor and equipment performance
  • Increase equipment life by fixing issues before they are large problems
  • Service personnel arrive with the right equipment because they know what is wrong

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