Flood Alarm System

The M30 Flood Alarm Dialer is a sophisticated alarm system that is being used  around the world to help monitor w

Flood Alarm Dialer

Flood Alarm Dialer

ater levels near properties and infrastructure. In the UK it is used by Business Parks, Railways and County Councils to alert them that water has risen to a critical point.

The M30 comes with many advanced features including 48 hour Integrated Battery Backup, Mains Failure Detection, Alarm Outputs, PSTN and or GSM Network Connections and the ability to send Voice or SMS alarm messages.

Communication over GSM or Landline networks.

The M30 can use either a standard PSTN landline or GSM mobile network to send an alarm message.

The GSM network can also be used as a backup – The M30 monitors the connected landline and if it fails the M30 will automatically switch to the GSM network to ensure you always get your message.

Send Messages via Voice, SMS or Pagers.

The M30 can send alerts or alarm messages via real user recordable speech, SMS text messages or via

SMS Dialer Example

SMS Message Example

pagers. Each input has its own voice or SMS message plus there is a machine identifier so it is easy to distinguish between alarms and machines. For example you might receive a message along the lines of “Guildford Weir 1 – High Water Level”.


The M30 can accept alarm inputs from any device that provides a NO Normally Open) or NC (Normally Closed) alarm contacts. Including all water sensors / float switches and monitoring devices.

Alarm Outputs

The M30 comes with multiple alarm outputs meaning it is easy to trigger a single siren or network of alert beacons.

UK Designed and Built

We have been building and designing Flood Alarm Autodiallers since 1958 and the M30 is our latest version.

Because the M30 is designed and built by us in the UK the system is fully customisable, if there is a special or particular feature or function you require we will be happy to create it for your application.

M30 Auto Dialer Features

Below is a small subset of the features that are available on the M30, for a full list please visit the Standard or Optional feature pages.

  • 4,8,16 or 56 individual alarm inputs.
  • Integrated Backup Battery.
  • PSTN Telephone Line failure sensing (optional).
  • GSM Network dialing and backup (optional).
  • Individual Real Speech Messages.
  • Individual SMS alarm text messages (optional).
  • Fully menu and keypad driven.
  • 999 Approved.

Contact us to find out more information or get the current price list or you can visit our other pages on waste water and water protection.

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