M60 Alarm Autodialer Alarm Splitter & Alarm Isolation Panel

The SPLITTER2 Alarm Display Panel can monitor alarm inputs from up to 16 separate devices e.g. temperature, electricity, security, building management systems, flare stacks, boiler lockout, water levels, humidity and standby generators. The SPLITTER 2 provides both visual and audible indication of an alarm condition and the ability to individually isolate each channel/input at the push of a button.

The SPLITTER2 incorporates a number of features including:

  • Alarm Sounder isolate button.
  • Alarm Test button.
  • Two different types of simultaneous alarm output:

Output A - One 'common' 12VDC 1 AMP output to initiate a warning sounder or strobe etc.
Output B - Volt free changeover contacts to initiate an alarm transmitting device e.g. The Packs Infotel M60 automatic dialout unit or a radio paging system. This can be set as a 'common' output for all the channels or can be set as one individual output per channel. These output circuits are designed on the fail-safe principal.

Delay The integrated user adjustable alarm output delay, can be set for a period of between 6 seconds and 2 minutes, in order to prevent momentary intermittent alarms e.g. electrical power 'dips', thermostats etc. Other options are available.

Inputs All the detection circuits are volt free, normally closed contacts. Other options are available.

Integrated Alarm Isolate Buttons This feature is for times when maintenance is being carried out or when alarms are temporally or permanently decommissioned. Alarm inputs can be individually isolated from producing an alert via a hidden button. For higher security requirements an optional key switch can be fitted.

Power Supply The SPLITTER2 comes with a trickle charged battery backed up power supply. This is designed to enable the SPLITTER2 to continue to operate in the event of loss of electrical power and hence still provide alarm outputs to both audible / visual devices etc and the alarm transmitting device e.g. The M60 automatic alarm dialout units.

An optional Mains Electricity Failure Detector Module can be added to monitor the power supply connected to the SPLITTER2.

The M30 Alarm Dialer Slitter 2 Panel
  • 16 Separate Inputs
  • 16 Separate Outputs
  • Bell / Strobe Output
  • Bell / Strobe Isolate
  • Individual Alarm Isolates
  • Mains Failure Detection
  • Adjustable Alarm Delays
  • Alarm Test Button
  • IP56 Enclosure to match the
  • M60 range of equipment
  • Backup Power Supply
  • > 6 Hrs Standby

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