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  • M60 Alarm Dialer 1:02 pm on March 28, 2019 Permalink
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    M60 Alarm Dialer Event Viewer Upgrade 

    Event Viewer (Optional)

    The Event Viewer allows for a visual display of the laEvent Viewerst 4 Events that have occurred on the M60 Alarm Dialler.

    Events are either a dial-out due to an active alarm, or a call-back to cancel the M60 from continuing to dial-out.

    Each Event will use a single line on the display.

    Dial-out Event

    A Dial-out Event will occur whenever the M60 has completed the dialling of a telephone number.
    The Dial-out Event will always show the time followed by the Date and Month and then the first two active alarms separated by a comma. The last character on the line informs the user if there were no other active alarms or there are more active alarms than displayed.

    Call-back/Cancellation Event

    Event Viewer Display

    A Call-back Event will occur whenever the M60 has been called back to cancel further calls being made.

    The event viewer will always show the last 4 events in sequence,  running from oldest to newest.

    Upgrade options include holding a higher number of events and more detail.

    The M60 Alarm Auto Dialer standard features include;

    • 4, 8, 16, 32 & 56 individual alarm inputs / channels.
    • Individual Speech Messages for each input.
    • Individual SMS Messages for each input.
    • PSTN & GSM Options.
    • Internal Mains Failure Alarm Sensor.
    • 24+ Hour Internal Battery Backup.
    • Fully Menu and Keypad Driven.
    • IP56 Industrial Rated Enclosure.

    Because the M60 is built by us in the UK if there are any special features you require for your project we can normally create them for you.

    The above is only a small subset of the available features on the M60 Alarm Auto Dialer; for a complete list visit the Standard Features and Optional Features pages or contact us for a quote.

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  • M60 Alarm Dialer 1:24 pm on September 27, 2018 Permalink |
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    Key switch Options 

    Key switch Options

    On a standard M30 the Key switch located on the front will simply turn the M30 ON or OFF, ideal if you are doing work on site, the site is temporary closed or maybe you simply just want it active when the office is closed.

    But the Key switch can be set up to work in other ways;

    • Always answer any call when switched on.
      • Standard operation
    • Only accept Interrogation calls.
      • You cannot Cancel the M30 via callback only ‘0’ key, but you can still remotely interrogate it.
    • Only accept Call-back calls
      • You cannot interrogate the M30, but you can still remotely cancel the M30 via callback.


    For more information or the get the current pricing please contact us.

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  • M60 Alarm Dialer 2:54 pm on April 6, 2018 Permalink |
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    M60 owner’s portal launched! 

    Dedicated portal for our M60 Alarm Dialler

    M60 Alarm Dialler

    The Portal is free to use for both our current and prospective customers, it is designed to help you use and get the most from your machine.

    The Portal will allow you to;

    • Download the latest Manuals.
      • Operating Instuctions.
      • Installation Instuctions.
      • Add on Modules.
      • Aux Equipment.
    • Download How To Guides.
      • Wiring Diagrams.
      • How to insert your SIM card.
    • Book your next service.
    • Alter your settings.
      • Change your outgoing alarm numbers.
      • Change your SMS messages.
    • Check out the currently available software add-ons.
      • Order them online.
    • Check out currently the available hardware add-ons.
      • Order them online.
    • Links to the M60 Facebook & twitter feeds.
    • Contact us.

    Click here to visit the M60 portal.


    If you would like more information on our new M60 or our current price list then please Contact Us Today.

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  • M60 Alarm Dialer 12:34 pm on July 6, 2017 Permalink |
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    The M60 Alarm Dialler Has Just Been Released! 

    The M60 Alarm Dialler Has Just Been Released!

    The M60 Alarm Dialler has just been released! This is a direct replacement for our popular M30 “Ultimate” Alarm Dialler that has been in production since the early 2000’s. The M60 is now the 10th different model of Alarm Diallers we have produced since our company’s inception in 1958.M60 Alarm Dialler

    The M60 was created to give our customers the most advanced & modern Alarm Dialler system possible. We asked our customers what they would like to see on our next version and we have done our best to integrate the requested new features or offer them as optional extras.

    On top of all the standard features you would expect on an Alarm Dialler, the M60 now offers the below features;

    • Protected number storage.
      • The M60 now stores its numbers in its permanent storage, so it will not lose them even if the power is removed for years at a time.
    • Cut-out termination plate
      • The M60 now comes with a screen printed termination plate to allow reset and test buttons to be easily fitted either as standard or as a retro fit by a customer.
    • SMS
      • The M60 now gives the option to send SMS alarm text messages on top of or instead of standard voice communication.
    • GSM
      • The M60 now offers a full time mobile/cell phone connection if there is no land line present or the M60 can automatically swap over to it as backup facility if the landline fails.
    • Integrated lone worker (Optional Extra)
      • The M60 now allows you to have an integrated Lone Worker system. The M60 Lone Worker once activated requires a lone worker to press a local or remote button every x seconds, if they fail to do so it will issue a warning and then send an alert out to the on call personal.
    • Control Outputs (Optional Extra)
      • The integrated switched outputs can be set up to turn items on or off during certain occurrences or remotely via the phone line.
    • CTR (Optional Extra)
      • With the M60 each individual input/channel can have its own dedicated list of alarm contact numbers. This means that for example channel 1 could phone the fire brigade and channel 2 could phone the on call engineer.
    • Analogues (Optional Extra)
      • The M60 can have up to 4 Analogue signals connected; this can also be used with data logging.
    • Timed Roster (Optional Extra)
      • The Timed Roster option allows you to automatically switch between your rosters at certain times of the day/week. E.g. you might have a Day Roster, Night Roster and Weekend Roster.
    • Integrated ADSL/Fibre phone filter (Coming Soon)
      • The M60’s LIM board will have an integrated filter fitted so you can easily have ADSL or fibre on the same phone line without any interference.


    If you would like more information on our new M60 or our current price list then please Contact Us Today.

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  • M60 Alarm Dialer 12:06 pm on April 14, 2014 Permalink |
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    New V50 software released for the M30 Alarm Dialer 

    New V50 software released for the M30 Alarm Dialer

    The new V50 software version has many new features and improvements, but the main changes are listed below.

    New V50 software released for the M30 Alarm Dialer

    New V50 software released for the M30 Alarm Dialer


    The M30 will now automatically progress to the next slot after a phone number has been added or edited.

    The only exception is if it is already at the last slot in that roster/group.


    All Dial out delays on the M30 can now be skipped over/though by simply pressing the “ESC” key.

    This includes the Input delay, Inter-dial out delay and the Extended pause delay.

    Number Skip Dial out Feature

    The M30 now gives you the ability to manually select the number to be dialed from the currently selected roster.

    For example during your weekly tests you don’t want to disturb the person in Dial out 2 as they are on holiday, with this feature you can just skip over them and jump straight Dial out 3.

    When “TEL” appears on the display press the “ESC” key and you will hear a small beep. You can now use the down arrow to cycle though all the Dial out slots in the currently selected roster. (Every time you press the down arrow you will see the Dial out slot number change.)

    If you go too far just keep pressing the down arrow, and the M30 will loop around.

    When you are happy press the “ESC” key again and the M30 will carry on from the chosen number.


    For more information and pricing on the V50 Software Upgrade please contact us

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  • M60 Alarm Dialer 2:38 pm on November 19, 2013 Permalink |
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    CTR Channel to Roster Software Upgrade 

     CTR Channel to Roster Software Upgrade

    On a Standard M30 on when dialing it will select the Duty Roster set by the User (1,2 or 3). The current Duty Roster selected is shown on the top right of the LCD display (e.g. R1, R2, R3).

    CTR Channel to Roster Software Upgrade

    CTR Channel to Roster Software Upgrade


    The Channel to Roster software works differently. When an alarm becomes active, instead of the M30 dialling out on one of the Duty Rosters, the M30 will automatically select a Roster linked to that alarm channel.

    So for Example;

    If Channel 1 is activated it will dial Roster 1.

    If Channel 5 is activated it will dial Roster 5.

    If Channel 10 is activated it will dial Roster 10 etc.

    This software upgrade is great for when you need to communicate different alarms to different people for example the fire brigade for the fire alarm and the maintenance department for the Air Conditioning in the server room.

    This new feature is available either as an option on a new M30 or as a simple software upgrade on a current machine.

    For more information and pricing on the C2R Software Upgrade please contact us

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  • M60 Alarm Dialer 3:22 pm on May 17, 2013 Permalink |
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    Multi Channel Active Alert Feature 

    Multi Channel Active Alert Feature

    As of the Summer of 2013 we have added another new feature to our M30 Alarm Dialler, the ability to setup a default “Multi Channel Active” alert message.Multi Channel Alarm Dialer

    On a standard M30 when you get an alarm call, the M30 will play a message detailing every current active alarm, this can take a while if there are lots of active alarms, especially on a 16 or 56 channel machine.

    With the “Multi Channel Active” feature if more than 4 (default is 4 but is alterable) channels/inputs are active the M30 will play a short user recordable message e.g. “There are Multiple Alarms Active, call back or interrogate for more information”.

    If you want to know exactly what channels are active you just have to phone the M30 back to cancel the alarm or perform a standard integration, and as per a normal machine the M30 will list all the active channels.

    This new feature is available either as an option on a new M30 or as a simple software upgrade on a current machine.

    For more information and pricing on the Multi Channel Active Alert Feature please contact us

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  • M60 Alarm Dialer 2:14 pm on March 14, 2013 Permalink |
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    SMS Text Message Feature 

    SMS Text Message Feature

    As of the winter of 2012/13 we have added another new feature to our M30 Alarm Dialler, the ability to send SMS messages in addition to the standard voice messages.

    SMS Text Message Feature

    Each input/channel on the M30 can be configured with a user defined text message of around 25 ASCII characters – so instead of a recipient getting a useless “channel 1” alarm they can receive a useful “Mains Failure Boiler one” message.

    This feature is in addition to the standard voice message option so you can still setup and send user recordable voice messages over the PSTN networks or over the GSM networks with the GSM converter.




    Setting up your M30 is very simple; while entering your alarm contacts phone numbers you can select whether the recipient should get a SMS or a voice message.SMS Text Message Display

    The station identification is a maximum of 31 ASCII Characters.

    All inputs can have an individual identifying text message of up to 25 ASCII characters.



    When the M30 detects an active alarm/s it will send an individual SMS message for each active input to the predefined recipients. E.g. if 4 inputs are active then the on call engineer would get 4 SMS’s.


    Message Example

    Each SMS message is created from the M30’s Station ID (in <> brackets) and the inputs individual message and then followed by an *End of Message*.

    E.g. If channel 1 is in alarm the M30 will send a text message as follows:SMS Text Message

    <Packs Infotel Office> Channel 1 Alarm Condition *End of Message*


    <Sunningdale Landfill> Mains Failure Boiler one *End of Message*

    For more information of the SMS upgrade visit the SMS Feature page or the SMS section on our Blog.

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  • M60 Alarm Dialer 10:42 am on February 11, 2013 Permalink |

    How to Choose an Alarm Speech Dialer 

    How to Choose an Alarm Speech Dialer for Remotely Monitoring your Business.

    In today’s world where business owners need to look after penny, you need to know the product you buy is not only suitable for the task, but it will meet the needs of any insurance or regulatory bodies and it is value for money.

    First what is an Alarm Dialer?

    An Alarm Dialer is an electronic device that monitors signals\alarms\events and then when that signal changes will send a communication normally a voice message via the telephone network. The signals can be wide ranging from intruder systems, power failures, high/low How to Choose an Alarm Speech Dialertemperatures, equipment failures etc.

    They are often used in remote or unmanned locations or when it is critical that an onsite event is communicated quickly. For example you might need to know that there is an intruder in a shop or a high temperature alarm in a poultry shed or that the drug research freezers have failed.


    The four most common types of Alarm Dialer;


    Domestic alarm dialers normally have 1 to 4 separate inputs, they don’t include a battery backup and their components are not protected against the spikes or surges you might find on an industrial site.


    Industrial alarm dialers tend to have large ranges of separate inputs, with some reaching 56. Integrated battery backups are fitted as standard to protect against power cuts, surge protection and high grade electronics mean the units are repairable and are more reliant against electrical problems.

    They tend to have many advanced features that felicitate business users, such as automatically changing the telephone numbers to the person who is currently on call.


    In remote locations it may be cost prohibitive to have a land line fitted just for your alarm system or you might have reliability problems such as lines going down in the snow or high winds. If the system is for a high security premises then you might be worried about the land line being cut. In these cases a dedicated GSM Alarm Dialer would be appropriate. GSM Alarm dialers use the GSM Mobile/Cell phone networks to send alarm messages instead of the land line networks. Some more advanced dialers can use both the land line, and the gsm networks switching between the two as the need arises.

    Multi Channel

    If you have a large site with multiple alarms with varying degrees of importance then you should think about getting a multi channel Alarm Dialer. Multi channel machines tend to have more than 4 channels with some ranging up to 56. Each channel or input has its own individual speech message and visual indicator. This means when it phones you at 3 o’clock in the morning you can differentiate between the channels and make a decision of whether it can wait until the morning or if you need to rush in now. When you do arrive on site you can look at the front of the machine and see where on the site the fault lies.

    Remember if you don’t buy the right type of Alarm Dialer not only might you be left in the dark when an event occurs but you might not be covered by your insurance.


    For More Information on our Industrial M30  Emergency Alarm Dialler and how it can help protect your business,  please Contact us or visit check out the M30 Alarm Dialler Standard Features and Alarm Dialler Optional Features Pages.


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  • M60 Alarm Dialer 11:46 am on February 6, 2013 Permalink |
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    Updated M30 Alarm Autodialler Manuals 

    To welcome in 2013 we have reissued the M30 Installation and Operating Manuals with all the latest features and enhancements that have been made over the last couple of years – Including the SMS Autodialler Upgrade.

    M30 Manuals

    M30 Manuals

    To download or view the new 2013 Manuals go to our Data sheet / Manuals Page or click the links below


    2013 M30 Autodialler Installation Manual


    2013 M30 Operating Manual





    For More Information or help on our M30 Autodialler please Contact us or check out the M30 Autodialler FAQ Page.

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