The M60 Alarm Dialler Has Just Been Released! 

The M60 Alarm Dialler Has Just Been Released!

The M60 Alarm Dialler has just been released! This is a direct replacement for our popular M30 “Ultimate” Alarm Dialler that has been in production since the early 2000’s. The M60 is now the 10th different model of Alarm Diallers we have produced since our company’s inception in 1958.M60 Alarm Dialler

The M60 was created to give our customers the most advanced & modern Alarm Dialler system possible. We asked our customers what they would like to see on our next version and we have done our best to integrate the requested new features or offer them as optional extras.

On top of all the standard features you would expect on an Alarm Dialler, the M60 now offers the below features;

  • Protected number storage.
    • The M60 now stores its numbers in its permanent storage, so it will not lose them even if the power is removed for years at a time.
  • Cut-out termination plate
    • The M60 now comes with a screen printed termination plate to allow reset and test buttons to be easily fitted either as standard or as a retro fit by a customer.
  • SMS
    • The M60 now gives the option to send SMS alarm text messages on top of or instead of standard voice communication.
  • GSM
    • The M60 now offers a full time mobile/cell phone connection if there is no land line present or the M60 can automatically swap over to it as backup facility if the landline fails.
  • Integrated lone worker (Optional Extra)
    • The M60 now allows you to have an integrated Lone Worker system. The M60 Lone Worker once activated requires a lone worker to press a local or remote button every x seconds, if they fail to do so it will issue a warning and then send an alert out to the on call personal.
  • Control Outputs (Optional Extra)
    • The integrated switched outputs can be set up to turn items on or off during certain occurrences or remotely via the phone line.
  • CTR (Optional Extra)
    • With the M60 each individual input/channel can have its own dedicated list of alarm contact numbers. This means that for example channel 1 could phone the fire brigade and channel 2 could phone the on call engineer.
  • Analogues (Optional Extra)
    • The M60 can have up to 4 Analogue signals connected; this can also be used with data logging.
  • Timed Roster (Optional Extra)
    • The Timed Roster option allows you to automatically switch between your rosters at certain times of the day/week. E.g. you might have a Day Roster, Night Roster and Weekend Roster.
  • Integrated ADSL/Fibre phone filter (Coming Soon)
    • The M60’s LIM board will have an integrated filter fitted so you can easily have ADSL or fibre on the same phone line without any interference.


If you would like more information on our new M60 or our current price list then please Contact Us Today.

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