Computer Room Environmental Monitoring 

Computer Room Environmental Monitoring

Our M30 Alarm Autodialer is purposely designed for Monitoring the Environment in your Computer Room or other critical areas where environmentally sensitive and high value items / Processes / Lives need monitoring.

It does this simply connecting to your existing equipment and or our own monitoring devices and then when any problems occur communicating it by speech, SMS or data over PSTN land lines or via the mobile phone network.

Computer Room Environmental Monitoring

Computer Room Environmental Monitoring

Not only can the M30 Monitor the Temperature and Moisture levels in your Computer Room but it can also connect to your

UPS systems, BMS, Network Monitoring solutions, Security, CCTV and Access control Systems or any device that provi

des an alarm output.

Installation and Setup on the M30 normally only takes a couple of minutes as we do all the hard work for

you by pre programming your unit to your specification prior to dispatch.

4 , 8 , 16 or 56 Individual Inputs

The M30 comes with 4,8,16,32 or 56 individual alarm inputs, meaning you can connect “X” amount of separate devices all with their own individual user recordable speech or SMS message.

SMS and or Speech Messages

The M30 can send both user recordable real speech messages and SMS messages to each of the programmed alarm contacts.

Each speech or SMS message is user configurable and is made up of 2 elements, a machine identifier and the message. This means that instead of getting a useless “Channel 30 Alarm Condition” you can setup a much more useful. “Acme Computer room B High Temperature Alarm”.

Telephone Backup – The M30 gives you various options for connecting a phone line;

  1. Via the default PSTN land line connection.
  2. Via a dedicated GSM connection. – Great if you don’t want or can’t have a PSTN connection.
  3. GSM as a backup, the M30 will continually monitor the connected PSTN line, if this fails then the M30 will automatically switch to the GSM network. – Great for critical situations.

M30 Features;

Below is just a small selection of the features that are available, for the full list please visit our Standard Features and Optional Features pages or Contact Us.

  • 4,8,16,56 separate alarm inputs, each with their own dedicated speech message
  • PSTN Phone line Connection
  • GSM Phone line Connection either dedicated line or as a backup option.
  • SMS Text Messages
  • Integrated 24hr plus battery backup.
  • Remote Integration – you can phone the unit at any time to check its status.
  • Fully Menu and keypad driven.
  • Designed any built for industrial and commercial environments.

Because the M30 is designed and built by us in the UK, we can customise the unit for your exact needs and situation including creating bespoke features and functions.

 For more information, help or pricing please contact us or visit our standard features or Auto dialer FAQs pages.

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