Pharmaceutical Alarm System 

Pharmaceutical Alarm System

The M30 Alarm Dialer is a professional alarm monitoring system designed to help prevent losses on critical and or high value systems, such as pharmaceutical or medical research production lines or laboratories.

Pharmaceutical Alarm System

Pharmaceutical Alarm System

The M30 works simply by monitoring your connected systems and then when a fault is detected or a sensor moves past its warning threshold the M30

will instantly alert the correct on call personal whether that be the lab technicians, the building engineers or security. The Alert can be in the form of a speech message, an SMS message or pager alert.

The M30 is used around the world by Pharmaceutical, Medical Companies and Facilities including; Merial Animal Health, FijiFilm, Pharmagraph, Asterand, G-Pharm and British American Tobacco.

They use our M30 for monitoring their Fridges, Freezers, Process Alarms, High and or Low Temperature Alarms, Power Failure, Generator running Alerts, Security Alarms and their Fire Alarms.

M30 Features;

Below is just a small selection of the features that are available, for the full list please visit our Standard Features and Optional Features pages or Contact Us.

  • 4,8,16,56 separate alarm inputs, each with their own dedicated speech message
  • PSTN Phone line Connection
  • GSM Phone line Connection either dedicated line or as a backup option.
  • SMS Text Messages
  • Integrated 24hr plus battery backup.
  • Remote Integration – you can phone the unit at any time to check its status.
  • Fully Menu and keypad driven.
  • Designed and built for industrial and commercial environments.

Because the M30 is designed and built by us in the UK, we can customise the unit for your exact needs and situation including creating bespoke features and functions.

For more information, help or pricing please contact us or visit our standard features or Auto dialer FAQs pages.

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