SMS Dialler 

SMS Dialler

The Packs Infotel M30 SMS Dialler is a purpose built and designed machine for the types of harsh environments typically found in industrial and commercial applications.

THe M30 comes with 4,8,16 or 56 individual inputs as well as all the standard features you would expect from an industrial SMS Dialler including  24 hour battery backup.

The M30 is used all over the world in a diverse collection of applications such as Pharmaceutical, Power Generation, Security, Cold Storage, Oil / Gas Refineries, Building Management, Food production, Industrial Process Monitoring as well as the protection of humans and livestock.


SMS Text Messages

Each individual input of the M30 from 4 to 56 inputs has its own SMS message that is user configurable to about 25 ASCII characters plus each M30 has a station identification, this gives you an easy way to identify from which machine the SMS arrived.SMS Dialler Text Message

When the M30 goes into alarm and sends the SMS messages to the predefined contact list the end user will receive an individual text message for each input/channel that is in alarm. So for instance if inputs/channels 1, 2, 3 and 4 were active the recipient would get four SMS messages.


SMS and or Real Speech Messages over PSTN or GSM networks.

The M30 is unique as it allows you the flexibility of not just sending SMS messages but voice messages as well.

With the M30 you can also send user recordable real speech voice messages over a connected PSTN land line connection or with an optional module send them over the GSM networks as well.


The SMS Dialler version of the M30 comes with the same standard features such as

  • 4, 8, 16 or 56 independent alarm inputs.
  • 3 separate Rosters (dial out lists).SMS Dialler
  • SMS and or Real Speech Messages over PSTN or GSM networks.
  • Integrated battery backup.
  • Integrated Mains Failure.
  • Integrated Alarm output.
  • Fully Menu and keypad driven.
  • Industry standard IP56 enclosure.


The above list is not definitive, also as the M30 is designed and built by ourselves in the UK if there is a feature or function you need for your particular applications then please let us know as we can normally create it for you.


For more information or pricing on our M30 Auto Dialer please contact us or visit the SMS Dialler page on our site.


There is also a now a dedicated SMS section on our Blog.


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