Rugged Automatic Alarm Dialer

Rugged Automatic Alarm Dialer

We have been manufacturing and supplying rugged alarm dialers to industrial and commercial customers since 1958; during that time we have refined our designs to make our units as secure, robust and reliable as possible. Both integrated into and supplied separately are various backup systems, to help ensure you will always get your alarm call.

The M30 comes in a water & dust tight IP 65 enclosure, all of its alarm inputs and telephone lines have inbuilt lighting arrestors plus integrated mains failure and battery backup.

Our M30 alarm dialer units are in use around the world in remote and rugged terrains and conditions – Including desalination plants, Gas & Oil refineries, Landfill sites and Power stations.

The M30’s Standard Features include;

  • 4,8,16 or 56 separate alarm inputs.
    • Each has its own individual speech or SMS message.
  • Integrated Battery Backup 24 plus hour’s standby.
  • Integrated mains failure relay.
  • Real Speech Messages.
  • PSTN and or GSM network Connections.
  • IP65 Enclosure.
  • Lighting arresters on all inputs and PSTN line.
  • Industrial and military grade components.
  • Phone line failure alarm (optional extra).


For more information on our M30 , help or pricing please contact us or visit our standard features or autodialer FAQs pages.



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