SMS Alarm Auto Dialer

The M30 SMS Auto Dialer is an industrial unit, purposely designed for harsh commercial situations.

As a commercial piece of equipment it comes with all the features you would expect; 4 to 56 individual inputs, integrated battery backup, high spec components , inbuilt surge protection and is fully configurable via its inbuilt LCD and keypad system.

M30 Alarm Dialer

M30 Alarm Dialer

The M30 is used around the world in a multitude of situations from Horticulture in Wales, Hotels & Hospitals in London, Power stations in Scotland, Building management systems in Qatar, desalination plants in Florida and railways in Hong Kong.

SMS Text message feature

Each input on the M30 has its own individual SMS text message on top of that each unit has a unique identifier so you can easily distinguish not only between the different inputs but also between multiple machines.

Each SMS message is fully customisable, meaning you are not stuck with a generic “channel 1 alarm condition” but with a much more useful “High temperature in building 23”.

It is very easy to setup, when you are entering your alarm contact numbers via the keypad and LCD display you simply select the type of message you would like the recipient to receive. E.g. SMS, Voice, Pager, Data etc

Voice Feature

The M30 also comes with the included free optional feature to send real user recordable speech messages over a PSTN land line connection or optionally over the GSM network. The GSM connection can also be used as a backup; The M30 will monitor the connected PSTN line and if it fails will switch automatically to the GSM phone network.

Each input/channel has its own speech message and there is also a unique identifier message the same as the SMS messages.

Designed and built in the UK

The M30 is designed and built by ourselves in the UK, because of this if you want to customise your machine or add a bespoke feature or function then that is not a problem.

M30 SMS Auto Dialer Features

Below is a small subset of the features that are available on the M30, for a full list please visit the Standard or Optional feature pages.

  • 4,8,16 or 56 individual alarm inputs.
  • Integrated 24 hour + Backup Battery.
  • Individual SMS alarm text messages.
  • Individual Real Speech Messages.
  • PSTN Telephone Line failure sensing (optional).
  • GSM Network dialing and backup (optional).
  • Fully menu and keypad driven.
  • 999 Approved.

If you would like any more information or pricing on the M30 then please phone us on 01344 874114 or send us an email.

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