M30 Alarm Monitoring System

M30 Alarm Monitoring System

The M30 Alarm Monitoring System is purposely designed to monitor your alarms and equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year.

When the M30 detects an alarm activation or a problem with your equipment it will instantly communicate this to the correct on call personal via voice, SMS or data over a std land line or the mobile/cell phone networks. The M30 will then continue to send messages until one of the personal acknowledges the problem and cancels any further messages, this prevents the common problem of someone not hearing their phone or falling over in bed and falling back to sleep.

Alarm Monitoring System

Alarm Monitoring System

You can connect up to 56 individual items to the M30, each with their own individual user recordable speech or SMS message. It also has its own integrated battery backup, Mains Failure detection and is designed for use in commercial/industrial situations.

The M30 can come with backup protection for your landline so if your phone line has been tampered with or fails the M30 will automatically switch to the GSM networks to make sure you always get your alarm message.

The M30 can also be used to trigger onsite audible alarms or turn on/off equipment via its remote switching capability.

Below are some of the features available on the M30;

  • 4,8,16 and 56 individual inputs/ channels.
  • Individual user recordable speech and or SMS messages for each input.
  • Voice, SMS, Pager alarm messages
  • PSTN and or GSM phone network connection.
  • Remote 247 Interrogation.
  • Integrated Mains Failure detection.
  • 24 Hour battery Backup
  • Fully Menu and Keypad driven
  • IP56 Industrial enclosure.

Because the M30 is designed and built by ourselves in the UK if there is a special function you need for your application then we will normally be happy to create it for you.

The above list is only a small selection of the M30 features, for more comprehensive information please contact us or visit the standard or optional features pages.

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