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    SCADA Alarm Dialer 

    SCADA Alarm Dialer

    The M30 Alarm Dialer is designed to interface directly with industrial SCADA systems and can be simply connected to your SCADA alarm output board or interface module to enable simple monitoring of your systems.

    As the M30 is often used in hostile industrial environments where SCADA systems have been also been protected the M30 is also designed to withstand temperature, vibration, and voltage extremes and comes with 4, 8, 16 & 56 individual alarm inputs, an IP56 enclosure, integrated battery backup and integrated mains failure monitoring.

    The M30 also has redundancy built in, with the ability to automatically detect the failure of its connected phone line and then set off a lo

    cal alarm and or switch to a backup GSM connection.

    SCADA Alarm Dialer

    SCADA Alarm Dialer

    The M30 is used around the world for monitoring and reporting alarms from a diverse range of situations including water and w

    aste control, energy production, oil and gas refining, airports, office buildings, nuclear power plants, water systems, factories, hospitals, live stock and

    horticulture production to name a few.

    GSM and or PSTN Connections

    The M30 can use both the GSM and or the PSTN land line networks to make and receive Voice a

    larm calls.

    Each Input/Channel has a user recordable message that is setup though the easy to use keypad and LCD display


    The GSM connection can either be used as a dedicated solution if you don’t have or want to use a PSTN line, or you can use it as a backup. When used as a backup, the M30 monitors the connected PSTN land line connection and when a failure is detected it will automatically move the M30 across to the GSM line.

    SMS Alarm Messages

    The SMS feature can be used as well as or instead of a voice call.SMS Alarm Messages

    Each input/channel has its own independent configurable message, plus there is universal machine identification, useful if you have more than one machine.

    Setup is very easy and is all done via the keypad and LCD display. When setting up the outgoing alarm contact list you simply choose whether you would like the recipient to receive a SMS or voice call.


    The M30 SCADA Alarm Dialer Features Include;

    • 4, 8, 16 & 56 individual alarm inputs / channels.
    • Individual Speech Messages for each input.
    • Individual SMS Messages for each input.
    • PSTN & GSM Options.
    • Internal Mains Failure Alarm Sensor.
    • 24+ Hour Internal Battery Backup.
    • Fully Menu and Keypad Driven.
    • IP56 Industrial Rated Enclosure.


    The above list is only a small subset of the features available for the M30, visit our Standard  and Optional  features pages for more information, in addition as the M30 is designed and built by us in the UK if there is a feature you need or you want the M30 to work in a particular way for your application then please give us a call as we can normally create them for you.


    For a current pricelist please contact us for a quote.


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    SCADA Autodialer 

    SCADA Autodialer

    We have just added a new Page on our website on how our M30 Autodialer is used around the world by our customers for remotely moniroting their SCADA systems.

    Check it out below.

    SCADA Autodialer

    SCADA Autodialer





    For a current pricelist please contact us for a quote.


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