Auto Dialer with Text Message Facility

Auto dialer With Text Message Facility

M30 Auto dialer

Auto dialer With Text Message Facility

The M30 Auto dialer With Text Message Facility is an advanced purpose built unit designed for critical and harsh environments.

As an industrial Auto Dialer the M30 comes with all the types of feature you would expect, 4-56 individual inputs, PSTN, GSM, SMS, Pager communications, Fully LCD display & Keypad driven, hardened electronics and multiple backup systems.

Its backup systems include 24-48 hour battery backup, phone line monitoring, GSM phone line Backup, text messages and multiple dialout numbers.


Text Message Facility

The M30 allows you to have a fully customisable text message for each alarm input, meaning you won’t receive a cryptic “Channel 16 alarm condition” but a much more meaningful “High temperature in Lab 2” message.

Voice Options

As well as a Text Message facility the M30 also comes with a PSTN voice message system included as standard, this works in the same way as the text messages with each input having its own user recordable message. You can also send voice messages over the GSM network as well, either as a dedicated medium or as a backup if the connected land line fails.

Multiple Contacts

As standard when an alarm is detected, the M30 will communicate it to the universal contact list that the user had setup. You can also upgrade your unit to allow each of the inputs to have its own dedicated contact list e.g. input 1 can phone the fire brigade, input 2 can phone the on call engineer etc.

When setting up your contact lists you can specify the type of message each recipient gets (Text Message, Voice, Pager).

Standard Features;

Below is a small subset of the standard features on the M30, for a for more comprehensive list or information please contact us or visit the standard or optional features pages.

  • 4,8,16 and 56 individual inputs/ channels.
  • Individual user recordable speech and or SMS messages for each input.
  • Voice, SMS, Pager alarm messages
  • PSTN and or GSM phone network connection.
  • Remote 247 Interrogation.
  • Integrated Mains Failure detection.
  • 24 Hour battery Backup
  • Fully Menu and Keypad driven
  • IP56 Industrial enclosure.

For more information of the Auto dialer With Text Message Facility visit the Text Message Feature page or the Text Message section on our Blog.

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