Auto Telephone Dialer Alarm System Wireless

Auto Telephone Dialer Alarm System Wireless GSM

The M30 is an Auto Telephone Dialer alarm system that works wirelessly over the GSM mobile phone networks or can work over a standard PSTN land line phone system. The M30 has been purposely designed to work in harsh and hostile industrial conditions. and comes with all the types of feature you would expect from an industrial machine – including 4,8,16 & 56 separate inputs, over 24 hours of battery backup, an IP56 enclosure, Integrated mains failure detection plus many more.

Auto Telephone Dialer Alarm System Wireless GSM

Auto Telephone Dialer Alarm System Wireless GSM

Check out the features section below or visit the Standard Features and Optional Features pages for more information.

Wireless Communication

The M30 can send both wireless speech and SMS messages over the GSM mobile networks. The Speech side can be used as the main communication medium or as a backup device if required, each M30 comes with a standard PSTN landline connection, the M30 monitors the landline and if it fails automatically switch’s to the GSM networks.

The outgoing alarm messages are very easy to setup; While programming in your alarm contact telephone numbers you just select whether the recipient gets a Speech or an SMS message.


Each input on the M30 has its own dedicated Speech or SMS message plus there is a machine identifier. So instead of getting a “Channel 18 Alarm Condition”, you get a much more useful ” London Reservoir – High water level section B2″.

Alarm SMS Dialer Message Example

Alarm SMS Dialer Message Example

The Speech messages are fully user recordable via the Menu and LCD.

To make things easier for the end user we setup all the outgoing SMS messages to the users specification, this saves the user from typing in hundreds of characters.

If the user wants to change the SMS messages we just send out a replacement card that slots on the front.

The M30 Auto Telephone Dialer standard features include;

  • 4, 8, 16 & 56 individual alarm inputs / channels.
  • Individual Speech Messages for each input.
  • Individual SMS Messages for each input.
  • PSTN & GSM Options.
  • Internal Mains Failure Alarm Sensor.
  • 24+ Hour Internal Battery Backup.
  • Fully Menu and Keypad Driven.
  • IP56 Industrial Rated Enclosure.

Because the M30 is built by us in the UK if there are any special features you require for your project we can normally create them for you.

The above is only a small subset of the available features on the M30 Telephone Dialer; for a complete list visit the Standard Features and Optional Features pages or contact us for a quote.



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