Fish Farm Alarm System

Fish Farm Alarm System

As fish farms are typically located in rural and remote locations we have designed our M30 along with our customers input to be the most robust and flexible system on the market. For example the M30 comes with 4 all the way to 56 separate alarm inputs, integrated 24hr plus battery backup, integrated mains failure and low battery alarms to name just a few –  To see a full list look below or visit our Standard or Optional Features pages.


Alarm SMS Dialer Message Example

Alarm SMS Dialer Message Example

The M30 now comes with the option to send SMS text messages instead of or as well as voice messages. It is very easy to use, while setting up your M30 you simply select whether you would like the alarm message recipient to get an SMS or voice message.

Each input has its own user definable message plus there is a general machine identifier useful if you have more than one site. So for example instead of getting a “channel 1 alarm” you would receive a much more usefully “Windsor Fish Farm Low Water Alarm”.

PSTN and or GSM Phone networks

Because it can be difficult to get a PSTN landline to remote locations or get a cell \ mobile phone signal we have provided multiple connection options to the M30.

The M30 can connect to either a landline PSTN phone network or GSM mobile network or both to send voice alarm messages. If you choose to use both types, then the GSM network is used as a backup, so if the landline fails or is blocked it will automatically be swapped to the GSM network.

Software Upgrades

Fish Farm Alarm System

Fish Farm Alarm System

As the M30 is designed and built by us in the UK it is fully customisable, so if there is a special feature you would like or you would like it to work is particular way please let us know and we will normally be able to create it for you.

For example;

  • More alarm numbers – As standard the M30 allows you to have up to 5 numbers in each roster but this can be extended to 10 or more.
  • Auto Isolate – M30 automatically turns itself on and off at predefined times and days.
  • Channel to Roster – Each input can dial a totally separate list of alarm contacts.
  • Auto Test – The M30 will automatically make a test call at a predefined time and day.

Features Include

As an advanced alarm unit with over 50 years of design experience, the M30 comes with all the types of features you would expect, including free UK based phone support and on the road engineers for servicing, installation and upgrades.

The M30 comes with the following features;

  • 4,8,16 & 56 individual alarm inputs.
  • GSM or PSTN phone line connections.
  • Real Speech Voice messages.
  • SMS Text messages.
  • Integrated battery backup.
  • Fully menu and keypad driven.
  • Remote interrogation.

For more information on our Fish Farm Alarm Systems, help or current pricing and availability please contact us or visit our standard features or auto dialler FAQs pages.


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