Speech Dialler

Speech Dialler

The M30 Speech Dialler is an industrial alarm monitoring device designed for harsh and critical commercial situations and environments.

The M30 is used around the world by an assortment of different industries to monitor a large array of different situations including; High / Low temperatures, Equipment failures, Process failures, Power failures, High/Low water levels, Livestock monitoring, Security systems, Building management systems, Lone worker alarms, Generator protection, Horticulture protection plus many more.Speech Dialler

As an industrial device it comes with all the standard features you would expect including 4,8,16 & 56 separate inputs each with their own speech and or SMS message, PSTN and or GSM network connections, integrated mains failure alarm, integrated 24hr + battery backup and an IP56 enclosure to name a few – check out the features list below or visit the Standard features page to learn more.

Speech Messages.

Each input on the M30 has its own totally independent user recordable speech message. Plus the M30 has a station identification message allowing you to not only comply with BT regulations but easily differentiate between multiple units/sites.

When the M30 dials the on call personal they will hear the M30 report the units station identification and then the active alarm inputs e.g. This is the Windsor landfill alarm unit on 01344 874114, Failure on generator 1, Failure on flare stack 2 etc…..

The alarm message is then repeated 3 times to make sure the on call personal gets the all the information.

PSTN and or GSM connections.

As standard the M30 connects to a standard PSTN landline, but we now offer a GSM option as well. This can work in 2 ways either as a dedicated GSM line – for use if no landline is available or wanted, or you can use it as a backup option. When the GSM module is used as a backup option, it will constantly monitor the connected PSTN landline, if the landline fails or is cut the M30 will automatically switch to the GSM network, insuring you are always covered.


A new optional extra allows the M30 to send SMS text messages as well as Speech messages if desired.

M30 Features include;

  • 4, 8, 16 & 56 Independent Switched inputs.
    • Normally Open or Normally Closed contacts.
  • Individual user recordable real speech alarm messages for each input.
  • 3 separate alarm dialout groups / rosters each with 5 telephone/SMS/ mobile/pager numbers.
  • 1 additional Emergency group / roster.
    • This can be permanently linked to a single channel e.g. if input 1 was linked to your fire panel it can be setup to dial the fire brigade. While all the other inputs dial the standard Dialout group.
  • Remote integration.
    • You can phone the M30 at any time to check its current status.
  • Integrated mains failure detection.
  • Integrated 24 hour battery backup.
  • Low Battery Alarm
  • Integrated Alarm output contacts.
  • Fully Menu Driven with LCD and Keypad.
  • IP56 Industrial enclosure.


The above feature list is not definitive so please check out the M30 Speech Dialler Standard and Optional features pages or contact us for pricing.




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