What advantages does the SMS Autodialler Module Give me? 

What advantages does the SMS Autodialler Module Give me?

The module uses the GSM networks rather than the land line networks to send SMS messages, so it acts as an automatic line backup incase the lanSMS Autodiallerd line has failed, is in use or has been cut.
As the module allows you to select whether you would like the recipient to receive a voice or SMS message it creates a much more flexible system, with uses outside of the standard communication of alarms.
For Example;

  • Keep a permanent record of all onsite alarms.
  • Integrate an onsite pager system.
  • Setup channels to “Alert” rather than “Alarm”.
  • Visual alarm messages for the deaf or hard of hearing.


The SMS Upgrade Module is “quad band” meaning it will work in Europe and also most of North & South America Plus  Africa  and Australasia.

For more information please contact us or visit the SMS Module page.

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