Wireless Alarm Autodialler

Wireless Alarm Autodialler


Sometimes it can be more convenient to have a Wireless Alarm Autodialler instead of a wired one connected to the PSTN networks. Our Wireless Autodialler uses the GSM mobile networks in order to send and receive alarm messages.

Wireless systems do have a number of advantages over a standard wired system;

  • Where it is not possible to get a PSTN landline installed.
  • Where the cost is prohibitive to get a landline installed.
  • Can be used in a temporary installation.
  • Can be used where the item being monitored is regularly moved.
  • Where there is high risk that a land line might fail either because of nature or due to malicious damage.


We offer two different types of wireless system;

GSM Dialler Converter Module

This module allows you to have the best of both worlds, you can either just use the GSM wireless networks to send real speech voice alarm messages or switch to them if the land line fails or is cut.

SMS Module

This module allows you send SMS text messages alerting your on call personal there is a problem on site.


When opting for a wireless system instead of a wired system you do need to be aware they are not typically as reliable as a landline PSTN system. The GSM networks do not have the same operating capacity as PSTN phone networks. That is why at peak times e.g. New Year you cannot get a call out. Governments also have the right to shut down the GSM networks in times of national emergency or when they are performing sensitive operations.

The GSM networks are also more susceptible to being disrupted by local electrical interference.



For more information please Contact Us or visit our GSM Dialler Module page or our SMS Alarm Dialler Page

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