Buying an Alarm Auto Dialler System Part 1

Choosing & Buying an Alarm Auto Dialler System Part 1


The very first question you should ask yourself is whether to choose a Domestic Auto Dialler System or an Industrial Auto Dialler System.


The reason you need to ask yourself this is Industrial and Domestic systems are designed for totally different situations / environments and have specific functions & features that each may require.

For example; Domestic systems don’t have integrated battery backup or mains failure detection, so if you purchased a domestic auto dialler then realised you wanted battery backup, you would have to slave the power from another panel reducing its standby time or get a separate item and then hobble them together. But Industrial versions have integrated battery backups that are designed specifically to work with that system, to offer maximum performance and reliability.


But the most crucial question you need to ask is; is the Auto dialler going to be looking after a critical system or environment?

E.g. Livestock, Hospitals, Fire Alarms, Lone Worker systems, Fridges / freezers, Horticulture, Data Centres – Basically anything where a human or animals life is at risk or your business would take a large financial hit if something happened.


Why does that matter?

Because Domestic Auto Diallers generally speaking are mass produced items using the cheapest components possible, designed to operate in safe, room temperature dry environments. They are non repairable and non serviceable so engineers cannot check for early failure signs, when they do fail you just throw them away and replace them.


Industrial Auto diallers on the other hand have integrated fail safes and backups so they will continue to function even after a failure occurs. They are designed to operate in harsh environments, so their internal components are designed to cope with high & low temperatures and power glitches. Typically they have high IP rated housings to keep moisture and vermin out as well.

Industrial systems tend to have long operating lives, for example we have systems installed in the early 1980’s that are still going strong.

They are also designed to be fully serviceable and easily repairable as required by most insurance companies.


For more information on our M30 Auto dialler system check its Standard Features.


Part 2 coming soon….



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