How to Change the Sim Card on your M30 Alarm Dialer

Changing the M30 Alarm Dialer  SIM-Card.

You cannot simply pull out your existing SIM-Card, and insert the new SIM-
Card. Please follow carefully the instructions below.
1.    Press ‘M’ on the keypad, the message [Change Roster] will be seen.
2.    Press ‘N’ on the keypad, the message [Change SIM-Card] will be seen.
3.    Press ‘Y’ for Yes.
4.    The M30 will ask ‘REMOVE EXISTING CARD’.
5.    Remove the SIM-Card from the M30.
6.    The M30 will respond with ‘INSERT NEW CARD’
7.    Insert the new SIM-Card.
8.    Press the ‘Y’ key once the new SIM-Card has been inserted.
The M30 will now start loading information from the new SIM-Card.


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