Traveling to remote locations or installing an expensive communications infrastructure are not feasible solutions for routine substation monitoring. In many cases, you need to gather data at regular intervals, weekly, daily, or even hourly to determine the health of the substation, including monitoring:

  • Alarms
  • Equipment
  • Meter readings

Typical monitored conditions;

  • Loss of DC power
  • Main generator start or fault
  • Backup generator start or fault
  • Ground fault to Volt line
  • Transformer temperature
  • Station battery level
  • Fuel tank level low
  • Bank High Voltage Breakers
  • Flare Stack

The M30 Alarm Dialer allows you to;

  • Read inputs from 1 to 56 digital or analog connections
  • Alarm notification via landline, mobile phone or radio modem
  • Interface to SCADA now or in future
  • Alarm notification to phones, pagers and text messages
  • Call-in to check the current status of the substation day or night.

  How the M30 Alarm Autodialer is used to protect Power Stations


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